Hillingdon Pentecostal Church

Building  a Christ centered,worshipping community who seek to know Christ and make Him known.




Children's Groups
Our children and young people's groups run concurrently with the preaching time in the morning service on a Sunday till 12.20pm. All the groups are released from the main service at the same time.

The Groups are:

Shining Lights (Preschool, 2+ to 5 years)
Living Stones (First Class,6-9 years)
Salt Shakers (Juniors, 9-12+years).


Parents, please register your child for their group on your arrival at church at the registration desk, in the main reception and please collect you children at the end of the service at the lobby at the side of the main hall where the children will be waiting with the teachers and helpers of each group.


Young People at HPC

RevGen is our group for 12+-14 year olds and meets during the preaching time of the morning service to 12.20pm. The group is released from the main service with the Children's groups.

Youth Dynamics
Youth Dynamics is our group for 14-18 year olds and meets during the preaching time of the morning service till 12.20pm. The group is released from the main service with the children's groups.  This group does not meet during the month of August.


At Oakwood School, we have an area for parents and young children at the back of the church  or   outside the main hall  to the right and adjacent to the class rooms. Please note that all children must be accompanied by their parents at all times.


Hillingdon Pentecostal Church is committed to safegaurding children, young people and vulnerable adults to worship and grow in Chirst, in a safe and secure environment. This involves a safegaurding policy, DBS checks, mandatory safeguarding training and a commitment to safer practice amongst other measures.


Any concerns should be brought to the attention of the Safegaurding Co-ordinator or Deputy Co-ordinator by contacting the church office on 01895259528.

As a number of groups, not connected to HPC use the main toilet facilities at Oakwood School on a Sunday morning, all children 16 or under will need to be accompanied by an adult when using these facilities.

We kindly request that photographs/videos, etc., taken during HPC-related activities which include children, are not posted on any kind of social media unless permission of the child(ren)'s parents has been obtained.


Children's Ministry Team Meeting
The next Children's Ministry Team Meeting is due to take place on Wednesday,9th May 2018.This meeting is for all the Teachers and Helpers of  Shining Lights, Living Stones and Salt Shakers.