God is good to all humanity.

Christy John  22nd March 2020 AM

Authentic Worship

Christy John 15th March 2020 AM

A God who is Merciful in Judgement; Jeroboam's Legacy,1Kings 11

Presciella John 8th March 2020 AM

The Supremacy and Glory of Jesus Christ, Colossians 1:14-23

Christy John 1st March 2020 AM

Romans 16

Mahen Beechook 23rd February 2020 PM

Being Rooted as you stand your ground

Christy John  16th February 2020 AM

Spiritual Exhaustion, 1Kings 19

Presciella John 9th February 2020 AM

Restore Us Again

Stuart Reid 9th February 2020 PM

Reflecting on the Goodness of God
Leonard Ngenga 2nd February 2020 PM

Stand your Ground

Christy John  2nd February 2020 AM

Closed Doors

Deborah Niranjan 26th January 2020 PM

The Cross

Oliver Croxall 26th January 2020 AM

Abraham's Calling and Vision

Kingsley Onalo 19th January 2020 PM

When your Life falls Apart: David's response, Psalms 3

Presciella John 19th January 2020 AM

The Call of Samuel

Lekan Olayiwola 12th January 2020 PM

The C5 Routine: Knowing God's Presence

Christy John 12th January 2020 AM

Standing when our faith is tested

Oliver Croxall 5th January 2020 PM

Power Essential

Stuart Reid 5th January 2020 AM


Rest for the New Year

Alex Komashie  31st December 2019 AM

Resolutions that Matter

Christy John 29th December 2019 AM

Simeon's Song

Presciella John 22nd December 2019 AM

Jesus Delivers

Oliver Croxall 8th December 2019 PM

Unforgettable: Engraved on God's Palms, Isaiah 9:13-16
Deborah Niranjan 8th December 2019 AM 

Tired but Inspired
Deborah Niranjan 1st  December 2019 PM 

Stuart Reid 1st December 2019 AM

SERIES- Part 4. The Armor of God, The Helmet of Salvation
Stuart Reid 24th November 2019 AM

A checklist for Godly Wisdom, James 3:13-17

Presciella John 17th November 2019 PM

Show Me Your Glory

Kingsley Onalo 17th November 2019 AM

Follow Me, John 12:26

Jinu John 10th November 2019 AM

Dealing with stress
Leonard Ngenga 3rd November 2019 PM

Ruth's Story: God is at work
Presciella John 3rd November 2019 AM

The Marks of a Faithful Servant
Samuel Niranjan 27th October 2019 PM

Babylon's Recruitment

Lekan Olayiwola 27th October  2019 AM

Looking at the geneology of Jesus
Mahen Beechook 20th October 2019 PM

Thomas and his doubts
Stuart Reid 20th October 2019 AM

The Fear of God

Oliver Croxall 13th October 2019 PM

Practical Holiness Prognosis

Oliver Croxall  6th October 2019 PM

SERIES-Part 2,Hell
Christy  John 6th October 2019 AM

Micah's Idols: False Worship and False Confidence, Judges17
Presciella John 29th September 2019 PM

SERIES- Part 3,The Armor Of God, The Shield of Faith
Stuart Reid 29th September 2019 AM

The Love of God

Oliver Croxall 22nd September 2019 AM

SERIES-Part 1,Heaven
Christy  John 15th September 2019 AM

Samson's StoryGod is greater than our mess- Judges 13-16
Presciella John 8th September 2019 AM

Spiritual Sight

Lekan Olayiwola 1st September 2019 PM

What does it mean to Know God?

Christy John 1st September 2019 AM

SERIES- Part 2, The Armor Of God, Sandals of the Gospel of Peace.

Stuart Reid 25th August 2019 PM

Luke 5

Oliver Croxall  18th August 2019 PM

The Person and the work of the Holy Spirit
Kingsley Onalo 18th August 2019 AM

Daniel: A man of integrity
Samuel Niranjan 11th August 2019 PM

Strong in the Lord

Oliver Croxall  11th August 2019 AM

Knowing God
Christy John  8th August 2019 AM

The call to pray
Leonard Ngenga 28th July 2019 PM

Gideon's Story: A great God who uses flawed human beings- Judges 8:22
Presciella John 28th July 2019 AM

SERIES- Part 1,The Armor Of God, The Belt of Truth
Stuart Reid 21st July 2019 AM

Leaving a Legacy, COMPASSION UK
James  Wadell 14th July 2019 AM

The Impact of the Gospel
Mahen Beechook 7th July 2019 PM

SERIES -The Beatitudes, Part 5, Blessed are those persecuted for righteousness sake-Matthew 5
Christy John  7th July 2019 AM

Thanksgiving Service
Ian Stackhouse 6th July 2019 PM
The Responsibility of Leadership
Kingsley Onalo 30th June 2019 PM

A Godly Community: Authority, Anguish and Witness- Joshua 22
Presciella John 30th June 2019 AM

The Torn Veil
Deborah Niranjan 23th June 2019 PM

Restoring the Cutting Edge
Lekan Olayiwola 23th June 2019 AM

Like the Heavenly Father
Christy John 16th June 2019 AM

Ephesians 6:10
Stuart Reid 9th June 2019 AM

Seeking Wisdom-James 1
Presciella John 2nd June 2019 PM

Do not be Squeezed into the mold of the world
Kingsley Onalo 12th May 2019 AM

God the Rock
Presciella John 4th May 2019 AM

How can I run this race? Matthew 24:15
Lekan Olayiwola 28th April 2019 PM

What type of people are we to be. Ephesians 4
Stuart Reid 28th April 2019 AM

The Resurrection-1 Corinthians 15:12
Christy John 21st April 2019 AM

Our Citizenship
Oliver Croxall 14th April 2019 AM

SERIES -The Beatitudes, Part 4 : Blessed are the pure in heart-Matthew 5
Christy John 7th April 2019 AM

Worship that God accepts
Deborah Niranjan 24th March 2019 AM

Psalm 16
Stuart Reid 10th March 2019 AM

SERIES -The Beatitudes, Part 3: Blessed are the merciful -Matthew 5
Christy John 3rd March 2019 AM

Finding Rest in the  waiting
Presciella John 20th February 2019 AM

God's Name-Exodus 3
Kingsley Onalo 10th February 2019 AM

Supernatural Ability
Oliver Croxall 3rd  February 2019 AM

SERIES -The Beatitudes, Part 2: Blessed are the meek-Matthew 5
Christy John 6th January 2019 AM