Wednesday, May 29, 2024



Hillingdon Pentecostal Church has been in the process of transitioning from House Fellowships to Pastoral Care groups, since January 2023.



The plan and vision for pastoral care groups was shared with the church on Sunday 8th January during the morning service.


Please listen to this on our YouTube channel for more information and insight.


We believe that caring and looking out for each other, as the body of Christ is every believer's calling and at HPC we seek to develop and build on this culture. Pastoral care leaders enable and help this to happen.




If you have been attending HPC and would like to be a part of a pastoral care group, please fill in a GDPR consent form, which can be picked up from the help desk on a Sunday morning.


Please return the filled-in form to one of the elders and you will be added to the Whatsapp broadcasting groups.

These groups will provide you with information and links to online meetings.


Following this, and once you have establised yourself at HPC, attending services and gatherings on a regular basis, you will be assigned and introduced to your Pastoral Care Leader.