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Building  a Christ centered,worshipping community who seek to know Christ and make Him known.

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The New Jerusalem: Our Eternal Home                       Revelation 21                                                         Presciella John 15th July 2018 AM Play/Download
The Order of Salvation: Justification                           Christy John 8th July 2018 AM Play/Download
Jesus the King is coming                                          Oliver Croxall 1st July 2018 AM Play/Download
Hearing God's Voice                                          Lekan Olayiwola 24th June 2018 AM Play/Download
God, The Perfect Father                                       Christy John 17th June 2018 AM Play/Download
God Elect and Exiles in this world                             1 Peter 1                                                          Presciella John 10th June 2018 AM Play/Download
Who are the children of God?                              Christy John 3rd June 2018 AM Play/Download
Our Ultimate Goal                                                 Christy John 27th May 2018 AM Play/Download
Our Identity in Christ                                           Kingsley Onalo 13th May 2018 AM Play/Download
The Good Fight                                                 Christy John 6th May2018 AM Play/Download
Being Filled with the Spirit and the Word           Oliver Croxall 29th April 2018 AM Play/Download
God's answer to our anxieties                             Christy John 22nd April 2018 AM Play/Download
The Bread of Life                                                John 6:25-43                                                     Stuart Reid 15th April 2018 AM Play/Download
Holding fast to your hope                                    Hebrews 6                                                     Presciella John 8th April 2018 AM Play/Download
Resurrection: Truth or Hoax?                               Christy John 1st April 2018 AM Play/Download
The Valley Experience                                          Lekan Olayiwola 25th March 2018 AM Play/Download
Faith and Doubt                                                Stuart Reid 18th March 2018 AM Play/Download
The Call to Good Works                                       Deborah Niranjan 11th March 2018 AM                                      Play/Download
The Ministry of the Word and Prayer                    Acts 6:1-7                                                           Presciella John 10th December 2017 AM Play/Download
The Goodness of God                                           Psalms 73                                                            Deborah Niranjan 3rd December 2017 AM Play/Download
Light in the Darkness                                            Lekan Olayiwola 26th November 2017 AM Play/Download
Union with Christ                                            Stuart Reid 19th November 2017 AM Play/Download
Faith and Hope                                                 Hebrew 11                                                      Kingsley Onalo 12th November 2017 AM Play/Download

Foundational Christian Doctrine-                          The Baptism of the Holy Spirit                             Christy John 5th Nov 2017 AM

The Divine Narrative                                            Luke 10:38-42                                                   Oliver Croxall 29th October 2017 AM Play/Download

Foundational Christian Doctrine-                       Water Baptism                                                      Christy John 22nd Oct 2017 AM

Restored to be recommissioned                           John 21                                                         Presciella John 15th October 2017 AM Play/Download
Foundational Christian Doctrine- Giving             Stuart Reid 8th Oct 2017 AM Play/Download
Ten aspects of Prayer                                       
Ian Christensen 1st Oct 2017 AM
Foundational Christian Doctrine -                      Worship                                                            Christy John 24th September 2017 AM Play/Download
He must increase, I must decrease                      John 3:22-30                                                        Presciella John 17th September 2017 AM Play/Download
Foundational Christian Doctrine -                         The Church                                                          Stuart Reid 10th September 2017 AM Play/Download
ROPE                                                                  Jeremy Hay 3rd September 2017 AM Play/Download

The Centurian's faith: A faith that Jesus Marvels  at.  Luke 7:1-10                                                  Presciella John 20th August 2017 AM

Bless the LORD, O my soul:Living  a life of grattitude                                                            Psalm 103                                                        Christy John 13th August 2017 AM Play/Download
What does your altar look like?                                1 Kings 18                                                       Deborah Niranjan 6th August 2017 AM Play/Download
Love :The essential ingredient                                  1 Corinthians 13:4-8                                             Alex Komashie 30th July 2017 AM Play/Download
Time                                                                      John 5:1-9                                                         Steve Bishop 16th July 2017 AM Play/Download
The Prayer Of Jabez                                                 1 Chronicles 4:10                                               Christy John 9th July 2017 AM Play/Download
2 Peter 1                                                           Lekan Olayiwola 2nd July 2017 AM Play/Download
Living a life of generosity                                    Andrew Sheard 25th June 2017 AM Play/Download
Foundational Christian Doctrine -                       Marriage and Family                                           Christy John 18th June 2017 AM Play/Download
Bring a Psalm -                                                  Psalm 1                                                           Kingsley Onalo 4th June 2017 PM Play/Download
Foundational Christian Doctrine -                       Salvation                                                            Stuart Reid 4th June 2017 AM Play/Download

Love:The defining characteristic of a Christian 1Corinthians 13:4-8                                              Vicky Thomson 28th May 2017 AM

Foundational Christian Doctrine -                         The Authority of the Bible                                    Stuart Reid 21st May 2017 AM Play/Download
The Lord is my Shepherd                                      Psalms 23                                                             Andrew Burton 14th May 2017 AM Play/Download
Foundational Christian Doctrine -                         The Incarnation                                                 Stuart Reid 7th May 2017 AM Play/Download
The Power of Prayer                                              Ian Christensen 30th April 2017 AM Play/Download

Abraham's Journey                                           Lekan Olayiwola 23rd April 2017 AM



Foundational Christian Doctrine -                         The Resurrection                                                 Christy John 16th April 2017 AM Play/Download
The Wilderness experience                                  Christy John 9th April 2017 AM Play/Download
Foundational Christian Doctrine -                         The Fall of Man                                                 Christy John 2nd April 2017 AM Play/Download

A woman who fears God.                             Proverbs 31:10-31                                          Christy John 26th March 2017 AM

Foundational Christian Doctrine -Man              Christy John 19th March 2017 AM Play/Download
Jesus enters Jerusalem as King                       Luke19:28-44                                                             Stuart Reid 12th March 2017 AM Play/Download
Foundational Christian Doctrine -Trinity           Christy John 5th March 2017 AM Play/Download
Following Christ                                                    Luke 9:57-62                                                    Christy John 26th February 2017 AM Play/Download

Be Alert and of Sober  Mind                                      1 Peter 5:7-9                                                   Christy John 19th February 2017 AM

Is this really about Him?                              Zechariah 7                                                  Presciella John 12th February 2017 AM Play/Download

The Lord's Supper                                               Luke 22:14-20                                                    Stuart Reid 5th February 2017 AM

He who began a good work                     Phillipians1:6                                                       Finny Phillip 29th January 2017 PM Play/Download
Is anything too hard for me?                       Jeremiah 32:27                                                   Finny Phillip 29th January 2017 AM Play/Download

The Righteous shall live by faith                   Habakkuk 1-3                                               Presciella John 22nd January 2017 AM

Do not be of those who shrink back             Hebrews 10:35-39                                           Christy John 15th January 2017 AM Play/Download
Praying for Wisdom                                          James 1:5                                                            Stuart Reid 8th January 2017 AM Play/Download